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Reinol Original Hand Cleaner Cartridge washes up to 600 pairs of hands.



Reinol Original is an entirely SOLVENT FREE industrial hand cleaner. Reinol Original is formulated for heavy duty applications to remove tar, grease, graphite, oil, sludge, staining, tree sap and much more. It’s concentrate past formula is unlike anything else on the market. Due to its abundance of oils and cosmetic grade ingredients, Reinol Original will leave your hands feeling clean and nourished. Ask anyone who has used Reinol and they will attest to the unique Reinol after feel. Once you have used Reinol you won’t look back.

“Feel the Difference”

Reinol Original:

Solvent Free
Concentrated paste formula
Cosmetic grade ingredients
Safer on your skin
2L cartridges are designed for use in the purpose built Reinol Wall dispenser